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Seasonal Travelers and "Snow Birds"

We offer a few different programs for seasonal travelers. Call your coordinator now to learn more about how we can help save you time and money.

Whether you're a "snow bird" or a seasonal traveler, most people like to bring their own vehicles with them. With all of the logistics involved in driving yourself, especially if you've done it more than once, you probably already know that shipping is the safest, most economical and least stressful way to bring any or all of your vehicles with you. That is, of course, if you are with the right transport company.

Intercede Transport Group provides reliable, stress-free transport services for thousands of seasonal travelers every year. We know that not everyone is headed south for the winter, but no matter where you're headed, we know that getting your vehicle to your destination and back home again at the end of the season safely and on time is a very large part of an overall successful seasonal move.

You can trust in
Intercede Transport Group to get you affordable rates, efficient and reliable delivery and the peace of mind that lets you look forward to your next season without the worry of getting your vehicle transported. No matter where your travels take you, you can rely on Intercede Transport Group to get you there and back (for many years to come) with our seasonal traveler program.


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