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What you need to know about transporting your vehicle:

Step 1: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Reading customer reviews (www.transportreviews.com) can really help you avoid choosing the wrong shipping company. If you do not want any confusion, delays, damage to your vehicle or having to pay much more than you have to, you definitely want to make sure you are with a reputable shipping company with a top tier rating on Central Dispatch. Keep in mind that the rating of the shipping company you trust with your transport will ultimately dictate whether or not your vehicle ends up on a car carrier with a professional driver who has a history of safely transporting vehicles or a guy with a truck who is looking for extra work. ( Intercede Transport has a very rare, perfect, 100% rating )


Step 2: Narrow it down by research and only pick one shipper. You do not want to contact too many shipping companies. Most will likely waste your time and can slow the process for you unnecessarily.


​Step 3: Read the information below and you will have a much better car shipping experience.


​Step 4: Call and speak to one of our transport coordinators now for the best possible shipping option for your needs.

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  • What is important to understand is that our company, like anyone that quoted you, can only quote what the market rate is from the sample pricing, but when the carriers call, they give us their bottom line. I know you've got people telling you that they can somehow get your vehicle shipped for a very low price, but until there is a solid confirmation from the carrier, there's no guarantee of anything. We have the highest rating you can have on Central Dispatch (where every carrier in the United States goes for contracts when they have available spots on their truck), so if there was a cheaper way, we would get it. It's not a matter of what anyone who quoted you wants, it's a matter of supply and demand. The more vehicles heading your way the higher the price per mile. What qualified carriers will accept for any vehicle of a certain size on any specific route. If carriers on your route are getting a specific minimum amount and you don't want to pay it, they will just take the next vehicle on the board and you will wait.

  • We charge a fee like any company that quoted you, which is currently $50 off our regular rate, and that fee doesn't change whether the carrier wants $200 or $1000. As you know by now, it will be the same for any top tier auto shipping company with the years of experience like Intercede Transport Group who have relationships with thousands of qualified auto carriers. Actually, because of our perfect rating, it would most likely be more expensive with most other companies.

  • We wouldn't recommend you book before 3-4 weeks ahead of time unless you have shipped with us in the past. If you have less than 2 weeks to ship, you should try to sort this out as quickly as possible. We are able to ship many vehicles with only a day or two notice, but that can mean paying a bit more because of the demand. Also, I would suggest you have a few day window that you would like your vehicle to be picked up.

  • We understand you want the best price possible, but you should know that picking the right broker (and only ONE broker) will result in the best possible cost for you. Our quote is based off of the lowest current market price, but that can change over time with the demand for space on the carrier's truck.

  • Please continue your research and you will see why we are 5 stars on all review sites and why we're the #1 rated transport service in the industry. For you, that means no drama, no delays and the best price possible, bottom line. 

       Here are some key facts you need to know about our industry: 


       1)  The only way to ship your vehicle over 80 miles in the United States is through a licensed, insured and bonded Shipping Company with the protection of the FMCSA (FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION)  and Central Dispatch. Carrier's choose vehicles from the national load board, 99% of them DO NOT reach out to customers directly.

       2)   All shipping companies and car carriers use the same national load board (Central Dispatch) to list and dispatch trips. Carriers will give the best rated shippers the best pricing and the first spots on the truck.

       3)   The size/weight of the vehicle, fuel costs and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE DEMAND for your route are what determines prices by carriers. 

       4)   Carrier companies set the prices based on the demand, we do not. We can only quote the current market price for the vehicle/route and we rely on our good standing and relationships to improve pricing when possible.

       5)   If a carrier company is getting a certain price for every vehicle on their truck and we don't want to pay the current market rate for a specific route, the carrier will take the next car in line that is willing to pay. This is true for any shipping company, no matter what they tell you. There are thousands of vehicles being transported in every direction across the country every single day ... why would the carrier company take less money when they can just take the next car in line on the load board?

       6)   Carrier companies will confirm the final pickup time-frame with our help based on your needs, usually right around when you need it but keep in mind, it's based on availability and NOT when a less than reputable company "guarantees" a specific pickup and delivery date without confirmation from the carrier first.

      7)   There are many good brokerages out there, but there are also quite a few less than reputable brokers that are willing to make false promises and say or do anything for your business. The key is to make sure you don't get involved with a bad broker because they will delay your transport and cost you more money than necessary. 


Intercede Transport Group has excellent ratings for a reason. Our customer's satisfaction is very important to us and we are proud to say that providing honest and reliable service is what keeps our customers coming back or recommending us to others.  See for yourself ... http://transportreviews.com/company/Intercede-Transport-Group.


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Daws S. Submitted this review about Intercede Transport Group

Review made Live: 03/28/17 11: 09 AM

I was very happy with the level of service and professionalism I received from this company. They were thorough in explaining the process and not pushy, which I appreciated so much given the amount of response I got from other companies. I would definitely recommend Intercede to my friends and family members

Cecilio Submitted this review about Intercede Transport Group
Review made Live: 12/14/2018 12:04:00 PM

Kevin was very helpful and polite and took the time to explain the process. I am very impressed with the way my vehicle shipping was handled. Everything went smoothly. I will definitely recommend this shipping company and use them again in the future. Their rate is great too. Thanks kevin and staff of the Intercede Transport.

RG Submitted this review about Intercede Transport Group
Review made Live: 7/28/2020 10:36:00 AM

Thanks again to the entire team at intercede transport group. I keep coming back to these guys because they do a great job and deserve every good review anyone gives them. The crew over there has shipped at least five cars for me over the past few years. They know their stuff, they're no BS and they get the job done. Needless to say, I recommend them to anyone in need of transport that doesn't want to waste their time.


Every day we ship all types of vehicles to every corner of the United States from these top auction houses, dealerships and more.


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