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Enclosed Carrier Transport

If you need to relocate a special type of vehicle, such as a classic car or custom vehicle, you want to make sure that your vehicle won't be exposed to any unnecessary wear and tear over a long haul. Enclosed transport will keep your car inside of a truck in garage like conditions to protect it from the elements as it is being transported. This ensures that any custom paint jobs, accessories or other special aspects of the vehicle will remain intact during transport. If you own or plan to buy a rare, expensive or exotic car, the chances are you're probably going to want to ship with an enclosed auto transport truck in order to protect your vehicle's exterior from any damages that may occur while your vehicle is in transit. Intercede Transport Group has partnered with the best enclosed transporters in the business to handle any and all of your enclosed transport needs which could mean a variety of things.

Enclosed vehicle transport is not for everyone. It's more expensive than a standard open auto transport and it's understandable that many customers would rather avoid paying more than they think they have to. One of the main reasons enclosed transport is more expensive is because it's much safer and considered more of a luxury form of transport. It's designed, by its very nature, to appeal to customers looking to ship high-end cars. Honestly, you cannot put a price on the peace of mind most people get from an enclosed transport. Actually, you may not have a choice in the matter but to ship enclosed. Depending on the value of the vehicle, you may not be able to find an open carrier with sufficient insurance to transport your vehicle without putting themselves and your very valuable vehicle in a bad position. In some cases, depending on the value of your vehicle, even your regular every day enclosed transporter may not be equipped or insured for your type of vehicle (see
Exotic/Specialty Transport). Intercede Transport Group can make sure you are fully protected and that you have the right carrier for your insurance requirements.

You can, of course, ship any vehicle in an enclosed carrier, but many vehicles just don't need the added protection. The additional protection that enclosed carriers provide are meant to protect against errant road debris that could seriously damage the high value of really expensive vehicles with original paint jobs. Most vehicles are meant to be driven and lose value quickly. Common vehicles are just fine going on an open carrier, where the risk of damage is very low and the risk of seriously damaging the value of your vehicle almost not a factor.

Enclosed transporters are not nearly as common as open shippers. There are plenty of them out there, but they do not cover as many routes as open auto transporters. Because of this, many enclosed carriers travel where the work takes them, and since their clientele is much more select, they need to charge more in order to keep their trucks moving.

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