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If you own or operate anything from a small lot with a few vehicles to a dealership with hundreds of vehicles, the chances are you've had to have a car or two transported. Whether you were bringing in new inventory or you sold a car to someone online and need to ship it to them, you've probably dealt with some aspect of the auto transport industry before. Therefore, you already know how invaluable it is to have a company like Intercede Transport Group take the stress and worry out of yours and your client's hands. At Intercede Transport Group, we've been very successful at working with auto dealers of all sizes to assist in the delivery of their clients new cars, trucks, boats, heavy equipment and RV's.

After working with us just one time, most auto dealers consider us a true Value Added Resource (VAR) as part of the sale or lease of their vehicles. Last year alone, the founders of
Intercede Transport Group helped transport over 3,000 vehicles and this year we will top that mark well before years end. As you can imagine, to move that many vehicles, quite a bit of our business comes from auto dealers that don't want any added stress. They simply want to hear from their happy customer that their vehicle arrived safely with no issues whatsoever. We know that your customers look to you until their vehicle is in their driveway. That's why you need a transport company like Intercede Transport Group. We're here every step of the way to ensure a smooth relocation of each vehicle. Our mission is to educate each customer on the process to make sure they have a clear understanding of how it all works and prepare them on exactly what to expect.

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